Down-the-Hole (DTH) Bits​


The Down-the-hole drill, also called DTH drill or DTH drilling rig, is first used for rock drilling in the quarry industry. It is one of the fastest methods to drill hard rocks. After many decades of revolutions, DTH drills are now used in a wide range of applications, covering blast hole drilling, construction projects (such as piling), water well drilling, mineral exploration, gold exploration, geothermal drilling, ground consolidation, oil and gas well drilling, etc.

Generally speaking, a DTH drill is a combination of a drill string and a jackhammer, which breaks hard rocks into small pieces. Rock dust is discharged by fluid, such as water, air, or mud. Nowadays, DTH drilling rigs are much more advanced. In fact, the DTH hammer is a percussion mechanism that is directly connected to the DTH drill bit.

The DTH bit plays a vital role during the operation. Since DTH drill bits often keep continuous performance in harsh working conditions, the penetration rate and service life of the bits are significant for the DTH drilling rig. Tungsten carbide buttons or inserts are ideal for extending the life of DTH bits.

Then, there come the drill pipes, transmitting the rotation and feed force to the DTH hammer and DTH bit, together with the fluid which activates the hammer and flushes the rock dust. If the hole is getting deeper, more drill pipes should be added to the drill string behind the hammer. Since the DTH hammer is completely activated by fluid, it includes two components to finish the drilling job, a piston and a valve. The piston hits a surface that is connected to the DTH hammer bit and the valve controls the flow. As for the hammer body, it acts as a guidance of the DTH bit, ensuring stable and straight strikes.

KoneCarbide supplies premium and consistent quality DTH bits and tungsten carbide buttons for the mining and construction industries. As an ISO-certified supplier, KoneCarbide always strives to guarantee the highest performance of our DTH bits with premium quality in material, design, and production. Our DTH bits can be applied for a wide range of hole sizes and rock types. Supported by a strong supply chain, KoneCarbide is able to offer our customers not only outperformed DTH bits, but also excellent service. Whether you expect to minimize the investments on your projects or maximize the equipment output, we are here to help.

Request for quotation for detailed information (MOQ, price, delivery) if you are interested in our DTH bits or carbide buttons. Our sales team and engineers are ready to provide the most cost-efficient solution for you.


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