Carbide Bushings

KoneCarbide manufactures and supplies carbide bushings with premium and consistent quality.

Diameter: 10mm to 450mm

Grade: KM21N, KM23N

Request a quote for more detailed information (MOQ, price, delivery).

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Carbide Bushings Description:

As the difficulty of oil exploitation increases, the demands for tools with higher wear, corrosion, and impact resistance increase accordingly. Carbide bushings, or carbide sleeves, as a wear part of petroleum machinery, feature high hardness, excellent wear resistance, and finish. Carbide drill bushings are mainly used for protecting shafts from rapid wear, reducing mechanical wear between shafts and machinery.

KoneCarbide manufactures tungsten carbide bushings with top and consistent quality for the oil and gas industry. We use 100% virgin materials to ensure our product quality from the source. With in-house facilities, a mature supply chain, and strict quality inspections, we feel confident in providing you with the best carbide bushings.

KoneCarbide Carbide Bushings Features:

  • 100% virgin materials;
  • Micro-grain carbide;
  • Outstanding wear, impact, and corrosion resistance;
  • Low friction coefficient;
  • Excellent toughness;
  • Longer service life;
  • Varied grades for different requirements;
  • Competitive price;
  • Customization service.

Request for quotation for detailed information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc) if you are interested in our carbide bushings. Our sales team and engineers are ready to provide the most cost-efficient solutions for you.

Size (mm)Tolerance
GradeDensity (g/cm³)Hardness (HRa)T.R.S (N/mm²)
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Carbide Bushings