Coal Mining Bits

KoneCarbide supplies coal mining bits with premium and consistent quality for the mining industry.

Part Numbers:

Kennametal: U84HDLR, U85HD, U94KHD, U170-25NB

BETEK: BGF11, BGF22, BGF26, BGK19, BSR231

Sandvik: Q7JX-3583-4362

Request a quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery). If you need other coal mining bit models, please feel free to contact us as well.

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Coal mining bits are components of coal mining machines mainly used for underground mining and surface mining of coal, iron ore, copper, and other nonferrous metal ores. KoneCarbide manufactures premium and consistent quality coal mining bits for the mining industry. Our mining bits feature outstanding impact and wear resistance and extended service life. Whatever the condition it is, we are able to supply you with suitable coal mining bits.

We continuously strive to enhance our mining technology and keep our mining bit’s quality up to par, providing our customers with the best resistant solutions. All of our coal mining bits are manufactured with strict demands. We use micro-grain tungsten carbide and high-quality steel that are 100% virgin materials to ensure the outperformed quality and tool life at the source. The HIP sintering process guarantees the material’s mechanical properties and workability. Once our customer orders, we will inspect the quality with in-house facilities before delivery.

For further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc), please request for quotation. Our sales team and engineers are ready to provide the most cost-efficient solutions for you.

DISCLAIMER: Kennametal®, BETEK®, and Sandvik® are registered trademarks, any references to these marks are solely for identification purposes and do not imply that our products are affiliated with, sponsored, or approved by the original equipment manufacturers.

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Coal Mining Bits
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