Motor Grader Carbide Bits


A grader, also known as a motor grader, is a type of heavy equipment used to create a flat surface in the construction and maintenance of dirt and gravel roads and to prepare the base course for paved roads. A scarifier, mounted on a motor grader, is critical for grading projects. When a standard motor grader cutting edge is not able to cut through hard gravel road surfaces, a scarifier comes in.

Thanks to carbide-tipped scarifier bits, or motor grader cutting bits, a scarifier can dig into hard surfaces without damaging the grader blade. Carbide-tipped scarifier bits are more wear-resistant and easy to change, thus minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Generally speaking, there are two types of scarifier bits: rotating bits and non-rotating triangle bits. KoneCarbide supplies top and consistent quality tungsten carbide-tipped motor grader bits for top-brand motor graders such as CAT, Kennametal, and Sandvik.


  • 100% virgin materials;
  • Micro-grain tungsten carbide tips;
  • Excellent wear and impact resistance;
  • Extended service life;
  • Outstanding cutting efficiency;
  • For various grading conditions;
  • Customization services;
  • Competitive prices.

Request a quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery) if you are interested in our motor grader carbide bits. Our salespeople and engineers will reach out to you shortly after a quote and provide the most cost-efficient solution for you.


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