Carbide Strips​


Tungsten carbide strips are widely used in manufacturing woodworking blades, stamping dies, wear parts, etc. KoneCarbide offers top and consistent quality carbide strips engineered through several procedures, including micro-grain tungsten carbide powder mixture, ball milling, pressing and forming, sinter-HIP, and quality inspection. The sinter-HIP reduces the porosity of our tungsten carbide strips and increases the density, thus ensuring our quality consistency. Meanwhile, the isostatic pressing guarantees density uniformity. We supply varied grades, like KF21, KS25, KS28, KM21, KM23, KM30, KM35, etc. We also offer customization services according to your requirements.

Request a quote for detailed information (MOQ, price, delivery, payment, etc.) if you are interested in our carbide strips. Our sales team and engineers are ready to provide the most cost-efficient solution for you.


  • 100% virgin tungsten carbide;
  • Outstanding wear, corrosion, and high-temperature resistance;
  • Excellent chemical stability (acid, alkali, oxidation resistance);
  • Varied grades and specifications;
  • Ground and unground;
  • High and consistent quality;
  • Customization services.


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Thin Carbide Strips