Forestry Industry

In the forestry industry, there are two crucial segments: forestry mulching and wastewood grinding. Both segments require heavy equipment to finish the tasks, including mulchers, horizontal grinders, and tub grinders. KoneCarbide supplies top and consistent quality tungsten carbide teeth for the equipment applied in the forestry industry.

Forestry Mulching

A mulch is a protective covering of material, such as decaying leaves, small pieces of wood, or manure, used to protect plants’ roots and reduce soil erosion. Forestry mulching is a cost-effective land clearing method to cut overgrown and unwanted vegetation such as trees, bushes, and vines and leave behind a layer of mulch to protect plants and improve the quality of the soil. There are also other land clearing methods such as burning and bulldozing. However, forestry mulching is a superior land clearing method in an environmentally friendly way.

The machine used for mulching is called a forestry mulcher. It can operate on densely forested areas as well as softer surfaces. With only one machine and one operator, forestry mulching can occur each year. Teeth mounted on a forestry mulcher are called mulcher teeth, or forestry mulcher teeth.

KoneCarbide supplies carbide-tipped mulcher teeth for world-famous forestry mulchers, including FAE®, Caterpillar®, Rayco®, etc.

Wastewood Grinding

As mentioned in the recycling industry, tub grinders and horizontal grinders are used to process and recycle wastewood, which is a precious resource. Wood grinder teeth are installed on wood grinders. KoneCarbide offers wood grinder teeth such as tub grinder teeth and horizontal grinder teeth with excellent wear resistance and grinding efficiency. We are dedicated to maximizing customers’ productivity and minimizing their costs.

For detailed information on mulcher teeth and wood grinder teeth or if you are interested in purchasing forestry teeth, please visit our forestry teeth products page.

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