Kennametal Rotating Scarifier Bits

KoneCarbide supplies Kennametal rotating scarifier bits with inserted tungsten carbide tips.

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Request a quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery) and other Kennametal scarifier bits.

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Kennametal scarifier blade & bit system is used in dirt and gravel road maintenance, road milling, etc. It can penetrate hard, gravel, and even frozen surfaces easily with less horsepower.

Individual scarifier bits, rotating on a washer, feature inserted tungsten carbide tips, forming a serrated edge to penetrate the ground surface directly. Due to the outstanding performance and wear resistance of tungsten carbide tips, most road maintenance projects can be done in a single pass. Worn carbide scarifier bits can be replaced individually and easily without using special tools, minimizing equipment downtime.

KoneCarbide supplies Kennametal rotating carbide scarifier bits for motor graders and groomers. We use 100% virgin tungsten carbide powder and all of our scarifier bits will experience rigorous quality inspections to guarantee premium and consistent quality before delivery.

Request a quote for more information (MOQ, price, delivery) and more Kennametal scarifier bits. Our salespeople and engineers are ready to provide tailor-made solutions for you.

DISCLAIMER: Kennametal® is a registered trademark, any reference to this mark is solely for identification purposes and does not imply that our products are affiliated with, sponsored, or approved by the original equipment manufacturers.

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Kennametal Rotating Scarifier Bits
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