Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the oldest and largest industries in the world, which includes a wide range of activities for the creation, alteration, maintenance, or repair of the infrastructure for cities, towns, and countries. It plays a vital role in building a better society and making our lives more efficient. Construction includes the processes of delivering buildings, infrastructure,  industrial facilities, and associated activities. It generally comprises three sectors. Building construction falls into residential and non-residential construction; infrastructure construction, or heavy engineering, covers bridges, dams, highways, railways, and large public works; industrial construction covers mining, quarrying, chemical processing, refineries, manufacturing plants, mills, and so on.

Road Milling Teeth

The road milling machine, also called a cold planer, is construction equipment used for pavement milling. It plays a vital role in the road construction industry. The milling process is to grind up asphalt or concrete for recycling. It is accomplished by a large rotating drum with hundreds of road milling teeth. The carbide-tipped milling teeth are crucial to a road milling machine since they bite and cut away at the surface of the road. A road milling bit comprises a brazing steel body, a wear plate, a clamping sleeve, and a tungsten carbide tip. As the leading supplier of carbide products in Asia, KoneCarbide provides a wide variety of road milling teeth with top quality to meet your needs. Our cold planer teeth are manufactured from the best tungsten carbide. For the long service life, easy installation and removal, and competitive price, you can rely on KoneCarbide.

Bullet Teeth

Foundation drilling is a process using a drill rig to bore a large hole deep into the ground to insert structures, such as piles, piers, and caissons, which are commonly used to build a foundation for a new construction project. Foundation drill rigs of various shapes and sizes are widely used in the construction industry for different types of projects and site conditions. Wear parts like bullet teeth for augers can be crucial, especially for drilling hard soil or rock. KoneCarbide offers quality carbide bullet teeth for foundation drilling equipment at fair prices. Our bullet teeth are made from micro-grain tungsten carbide, ensuring longer service life. Varied sizes and configurations are available, and we also produce custom bullet teeth per your requirements.

Motor Grader Carbide Bits

The motor grader is heavy machinery designed to achieve an accurate fine and flat surface by scraping and shifting the substrate. They are commonly used in the construction industry to build gravel or dirt roads and tracks, level the native soils and gravel foundations, or create and level embankments next to roads or fields. A scarifier can be attached to a grader machine for tougher conditions. The carbide scarifier bits allow for cutting through hard gravel roads without damaging the blade. KoneCarbide supplies tungsten carbide-tipped motor grader bits for the leading name of motor grader machines such as CAT. We also provide Kennametal rotating scarifier bits. Our motor grader carbide bits are manufactured with advanced technology, allowing for the bits to hold up well in any construction applications. The micro-grain tungsten carbide enables an extremely long service life.

HDD Welding Teeth & Bits

Horizontal directional drilling(HDD) or directional boring is a trenchless method whereby a tunnel is drilled under a waterway or other designed area, and a pipe, conduit, or cable is pulled through the drilled underground tunnel. HDD drilling is suitable for a wide range of construction sites and conditions like roads, landscapes, and river crossings. A directional drilling machine and associated attachments are involved in the process. A back reamer with carbide teeth is a crucial component for enlarging the pilot bore for accommodating pipes and other utilities. Konecarbide is an IOS-certified manufacturer and supplier of tungsten carbide products. We offer Kennametal welding teeth & bits used on HDD back reamers for foundation drilling in the construction industry. Our carbide bits are known for long-lasting high performance and reasonable prices.

VSI Rotor And Wear Parts

Vertical shaft impact crushers, or VSI crushers, are widely used in the mining construction industries. They are typically used after a primary or secondary crusher for making sand or coarse aggregates. The rotor is an essential part of a VSI crusher. VSI crushers use a high-speed rotor and anvils for impact crushing and the rotor speed controls the particle size. KoneCarbide offers quality VSI rotor and wear parts for the leading brands, including Metso and Sandvik. To offer consistently high performance, we use quality micro-grain carbide and high chromium steel for outstanding abrasive and impact resistance.

Carbide Buttons

Carbide is a metal alloy much harder than steel. It is generally mined in China and is commonly used in many industries, including construction, mining, and tooling. KoneCarbide has been dedicated to offering quality carbide products for more than 20 years. We offer top-quality tungsten carbide buttons for the construction industry at a fair price, such as carbide buttons for roading milling teeth and bullet teeth. Konecarbide provides carbide buttons made from 100% virgin material, enabling your machinery minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

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