Mining Industry

The mining industry involves the searching, extraction, beneficiation, and processing of valuable minerals and other geological materials. Mining is to obtain the materials which cannot be gained by agricultural processes or created in a factory or laboratory and transform them into a mineralized form to benefit the miners and prospectors. The mined minerals include coal, oil shale, metals like iron, copper, or zinc, and industrial minerals like gravel, potash, rock salt, dimension stone, limestone, and other crushed rocks. In a broader sense, mining involves the extraction of any non-renewable resource like gas and petroleum.

Modern mining processes include prospecting for ore bodies, analysis of the potential profit, extraction of the minerals, and reclamation or restoration of the land after the close of the mine. Mining operations preserve our daily life by supplying resources to create roads, communities, and electricity. Mines are typically located in remote and arid areas and can be found nearly 2000 meters below ground. Modern mining falls into two categories: surface mining and underground mining. In surface mining, the ground is blasted, leaving huge open pits, and the ores are carried to refineries to extract the minerals. In underground mining, miners create tunnels in the deep earth to reach the ore deposits and remove the ore. Nowadays, surface mining is much more common than underground mining.

The mining industry consists of two sectors, including the exploration sector and the mining sector. The exploration sector is usually small companies and individuals, specializing in exploring new resources. The mining sector is typically made up of large enterprises, focusing on mining the resource. From breaking up of the rocks to the processing of the materials, the mining process involves various equipment such as conveying equipment, stockpiling equipment, cutting equipment, and screening machinery.

For both surface mining and underground mining, three basic steps, extraction, material handling, and material processing, are used. Extraction involves blasting, drilling, or digging to extract minerals. Material handling includes sorting materials, sending the minerals to the processing site, and sending valueless materials to the waste area. Material processing to smelt, grind, separate, crush, or refine the minerals and converts them to finished products for distribution. To explore the sites, break the rocks, and process the minerals, heavy machinery such as  drilling, crushing, and grinding equipment is needed for the mining industry.

Coal Mining Bits

The coal industry relies on coal mining machines to extract coal day in and day out. For both surface mining and underground mining, coal mining machines with tungsten carbide bits can continuously work for 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The quality coal mining bits can reduce the downtime of the machinery, saving your time and money. KoneCarbide typically supplies coal mining bits of Kennametal models and we can also produce according to the requirements of our clients. We manufacture the coal mining bits with micro-grain tungsten carbide and premium steel to ensure excellent impact and wear resistance and long-lasting quality.

Roadheader Picks

A roadheader, or roadheader machine, featuring great flexibility and capability in the excavation process, is commonly used in mining and tunneling. The cutting head with tungsten carbide-tipped roadhead picks is used for a wide range of applications. KoneCarbide manufactures and offers roadhead picks with consistent quality. The 100% raw material, best steel, and our strict quality control ensure the outstanding wear and impact resistance of our roadheader picks. Thanks to our rich experience in supplying rock drilling tools and global trade, we can manufacture custom roadheader picks to satisfy any needs of the customers.

Carbide Buttons

KoneCarbide is an ISO-certified wholesale company dedicated to supplying quality tungsten carbide products. Our clients include worldwide OEM suppliers and end users. To meet the special needs of our clients, we also offer tungsten carbide buttons of coal mining bits and roadheader bits. Manufactured from virgin tungsten carbide, KoneCarbide carbide buttons feature outstanding red hardness and wear resistance, allowing for high productivity and long service life.

KoneCarbide is keeping enhancing our products in the mining industry. We are specializing in supplying quality carbide products at reasonable prices. For our top-quality raw material and rich experience in global trading, you can rely on KoneCarbide.

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