Our Production

The manufacturing of tungsten carbide tools involves complex processes. We have developed a wide range of techniques to ensure not only the production but also stable product quality.

Our Production

1. Powder preparation

Powders are prepared with great accuracy. When finished selecting 100% virgin materials, we put them into ball mills to grind, blend and mix. Since solvent naphtha does not contain any moisture and won’t increase the oxygen level of the materials, we use it for wet grinding instead of using alcohol.

2. Pressing and Forming

Basically, there are three methods for pressing and forming, including extrusion, isostatic compaction and compression molding. For different products, we apply different methods.

3. Sintering

For sintering process, we use vacuum sintering and pressure sintering methods to make sure the densification of our products and eliminate any potential material weak areas. The higher the density, the better the properties.

4. Finishing

With the latest methods and equipment, including CNC cylindrical grinding, CNC surface grinding, and polishing machines, we are able to polish and grind products to get a competitive finish.

5. Inspection

We have an entire department striving to control product quality with high-performance inspection equipment and experienced engineers who are dedicated to ensuring the supply of high-quality products.

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