Screw-In Tire Stud-Wide Auger

KoneCarbide supplies outperformed screw-in tire studs (wide auger) specifically for wholesalers and retailers. The tungsten carbide tip ensures safe driving even on the slipperiest road. We have a large selection of snow tire studs to help solve transport problems in tough winter conditions.


  • 100% virgin tungsten carbide tip and core.
  • Dome-shaped tungsten carbide stud pins add additional strength under heavy loads.
  • The carbide tip is brazed to the steel body rather than cemented.
  • Varied heights deliver more traction options.
  • Wide-auger threads allow metal-to-rubber retention.
  • Notched for easy installation and removal.

We also offer customization services according to your drawings, samples, or required specifications. Request a quote for detailed information (price, MOQ, delivery). Our sales team is ready to provide the most cost-efficient solution for you.

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TypeDiameter x Length (mm)Prominence
(from tire or tread surface) (mm)
Stud Penetration
(into tire or tread surface) (mm)
Minimum Tread Depth (mm)Carbide Tip Width (mm)
16.0 x
27.9 x
39 x 12.61.910.78.52.6
49 x 15.23.2129.52.6
59 x 14.42.4129.52.6
69 x 16.22.813.5112.6
79 x 17.5413.5112.6
87.9 x 16.63.61310.52.2
910 x 20.87.313.5112.2
107.9 x 17.45.4129.52.2
117.9 x 20.96.91411.52.2
129 x 23.36.816.5142.6
139 x 24.5816.5142.6
149 x 20.5416.5142.6
159 x 20.84.316.5142.6
167.9 x 15.14.410.7/2.2
177.9 x
189 x 13.2112.2/2.6
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Screw-In Tire Stud-Wide Auger
In some cases, our professional team might call you for efficient communication to provide our tailored solution. Are you willing to be contacted by phone call?