Snow & Ice Industry

Winter always comes with inconvenience, especially for the traffic, due to heavy snow and thick ice everywhere. KoneCarbide is committed to providing tungsten carbide solutions for the snow and ice industry to tackle these problems.

Snow Removal

Snow removal refers to the removal of snow after snowfalls to guarantee traffic flow and safety. A snowplow, or a snow plow, is a device designed for removing snow and ice and is often mounted on vehicles for transportation purposes. Areas that snow heavily in winter most need snowplows. While in some areas that don’t receive much snow every year, graders may do the job instead.

A snow plow blade is mounted on a snowplow for pushing snow to the side of the road. However, it is the cutting edge installed on the snow plow blade that touches the ground. It is replaceable and its material and quality are crucial to the snow removal performance. Generally speaking, there are four types of snow plow cutting edges: steel, steel with carbide inserts, rubber, and polyurethane.

KoneCarbide mainly supplies carbide snow plow blades (steel with carbide inserts) and JOMA® 6000. The standard lengths of carbide cutting edges are 2 feet, 2.5 feet, 3 feet, and 4 feet. However, since most of the carbide cutting edges need customization, we can also provide customization services per your drawings, samples, or specifications.


For people who live in areas that get heavy snow, ice, or freezing rain in winter, antiskid is extremely important for safe driving. Studded snow tires are created to solve the slippery problem when driving on frozen roads. Drivers can choose studded snow tires directly or they can also purchase studdable winter tires and install snow tire studs by themselves.

Snow tire studs are applied on studdable winter tires and designed for adding traction to the tire tread to stop tires from sliding on the ground. KoneCarbide top and consistent quality snow tire studs for tires. Our studs are perfect replacements for Grip Studs®.


For winter sports lovers or people who live in cold regions, the snowmobile is a common vehicle on snow. A snowmobile also called a ski-doo, or snow scooter is a motorized vehicle designed to travel on snow and ice. Though driving a snowmobile doesn’t need a trail or road, it is better to drive it on open terrain or trails.

Snowmobiles are equipped with carbide runners on the bottom. Carbide bars, or snowmobile carbides, are brazed onto the runners to extend the wear life of sleds. KoneCarbide offers premium snowmobile carbides made from high-grade tungsten carbide. Various grades and sizes are available.

KoneCarbide is always a trustworthy supplier of tungsten carbide products to deal with snow and ice problems.

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