Tooling Industry

The tooling industry is one of the most important sectors. Tooling is the process of producing or acquiring the manufacturing components used for bulk production of parts used in large machinery such as trucks, dozers, and heavy engineering components. It involves the production of molds and dies, cutting tools, forging, and gauging for the manufacturing of various parts like automotive components, turbines, and propellers.

Cemented carbide is a hard material used for cutting tools and other applications in the tooling industry. Generally, carbide tools feature faster machining and longer service life compared with HSS tools or other tools. Carbide tools also have better heat resistance and hot hardness. Thus carbide performs better for processing tough materials like carbon steel or stainless steel. KoneCarbide has been dedicated to offering quality tungsten carbide blanks for many years. Our carbide blanks serve a wide range of applications in the tooling industry, such as cutting tools, drilling tools, molding tools, and more.

Carbide Rods

Carbide rods are widely used for creating long-lasting tools such as drills, milling cutters, reamers, end mills, burrs, and more. KoneCarbide is specialized in offering top-quality carbide rods in wide grades to satisfy any demands of the modern tooling industry. Our carbide rods are made from 100% raw material, available for options of unground and ground. We also offer customization services according to your needs.

Carbide Strips

Tungsten carbide strips are widely used for making tools like mining tools, drilling tools, measuring tools, and wear parts. Carbide tools can process carbon steel, chemical fiber, high Manganese steel, and more. KoneCarbide supplies high-quality carbide strips at competitive prices. After the mixture of the powder, ball milling, pressing, forming, sinter-HIP, and rigorous inspection, our carbide strips feature consistent quality.

Carbide Plates

With excellent wear and bending resistance, tungsten carbide plates or tungsten carbide sheets are widely used in woodworking, molding, recycling, and tooling industries for the ability against heavy impact and abrasion. KoneCabide carbide plates feature outstanding strength, great chemical stability, and high corrosion and heat resistance. Both ground and unground carbide sheets are available, and we provide both standard-sized and custom plates.

As an ISO-certified wholesale company, KoneCarbide has been supplying reliable carbide products to worldwide customers for more than 20 years. For the rigorous quality control and rich experience of global trade, you can rely on us.

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