Tungsten Carbide Grits

KoneCarbide manufactures and supplies crushed tungsten carbide grits with premium and consistent quality.

Sizes (mesh): 1~3, 3~5, 5~8, 8~10, 10~20, 20~30, 30~40, 40~60, 60~80, 80~100

For further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc), please request a quote.

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Tungsten Carbide Grits Description:

Tungsten carbide grits are mainly used in hardfacing industry to protect a wide range of consumable components of equipment from wear, including milling teeth, bullet teeth, bucket teeth, bulldozer blades, etc. By welding or hardfacing tungsten carbide grits into the steel body of the machinery parts, tool life and wear resistance can be significantly increased, thus minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Crushed tungsten carbide grits are usually applied through some methods, such as brazing, welding, or epoxy bonding.

KoneCarbide supplies premium and consistent quality tungsten carbide grits for the hardfacing industry. As an ISO certified supplier with 10 years hardfacing experience, we fully understand how to provide the most suitable tungsten carbide hardfacing solutions to our customers. We are proud of our tungsten carbide grits technology and global trade experience. Besides, our advanced inhouse manufacturing and inspection facilities guarantee consistent quality with every batch.

KoneCarbide Tungsten Carbide Grits Features:

  • 100% virgin materials
  • Micro-grain tungsten carbide
  • Various grades
  • Excellent wear and impact resistance
  • Varied meshes are available
  • Customization services are available
  • Competitive price
  • Consistent quality with every batch

For further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc), please request a quote. Our sales team and engineers are ready to provide the most cost-efficient solutions for you.

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Tungsten Carbide Grits