Food Processing Industry

Food processing mainly refers to the transformation of agricultural products into food in our daily life, or of one food form into another. There are many types of food processing, such as beverage processing. Beverage processing, or drink processing, is the production of drinks and ready-to-drink products, such as soft drinks, bottled water, milk products, coffee, energy drinks, alcohol, and more. Beverage processing requires exceptional hygiene standards, thus the application of decanter centrifuges in beverage processing is a must. A decanter centrifuge is ideal for industries where cleanability is important.

As mentioned in the recycling industry, a decanter centrifuge, or a solid bowl centrifuge, is used to separate continuously solid materials from liquids in the slurry. In the food processing industry, a decanter centrifuge can reduce oxidation in delicate beverages and maximize the extraction of liquid from high-solid dispersions. The main purposes include clarification, juicing, recovery, etc.

Decanter Centrifuge Wear Parts

KoneCarbide, an ISO-certified supplier and a tungsten carbide product manufacturer, provides wear-resistant tungsten carbide wear parts for decanter centrifuges, such as tungsten carbide tiles, discharge nozzles, wear liners, etc. Our wear parts are made from high-grade micro-grain tungsten carbide and will be inspected strictly before delivery.

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