How Does A Snow Plow Work?

A snow plow is a vehicle or attachment designed to remove snow from roads. It typically comprises a cutting edge that is mounted on the front of a truck or other vehicle. From highways to city streets, snow plows play an essential role in guaranteeing transportation safety during winter. Understanding how these machines operate is essential for those involved in snow removal services. Therefore, today, we will delve into this topic and explain how a snow plow works.

  1. Mounting

By using a mounting system, the plow is usually secured to the front bumper or the frame of a vehicle. But, for different designs and types of snow plows, there are different mounting methods.

  1. Hydraulic system

The vehicle’s engine provides the necessary energy for the operation of the snow plow. Plows without a hydraulic system can only rely on the vehicle’s hydraulic system to control the cutting edge. But plows with their hydraulic systems, can control the cutting edge all by themselves.

  1. Cutting edge adjustment

Once the plow is installed on the vehicle, the blade or cutting edge’s position can be changed by using electric motors or hydraulic cylinders. It can be angled, raised, lowered, and tilted, thus effectively pushing and clearing the snow for different snow removal requirements.

  1. Pushing and clearing snow

During operation, the driver drives the vehicle forward, meanwhile, lowers the cutting edge to the ground. The angled snow plow blade pushes the snow on the surface in front of it, and gradually clears a path as the vehicle moves forward.

  1. Snow discharge

Snow plows equipped with adjustable wings or deflectors can discharge the snow to the side or back of the vehicle, keeping the cleared surface clean.

  1. Safety features

To ensure the safety of the snow plow and the vehicle, some safety features are required. Lights and reflectors are used to increase visibility during low-light conditions. Shock absorption systems and trip mechanisms can protect the snow plow from damage when encountering snow-covered obstacles.

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