What Are The Applications Of Carbide Strips?

Carbide strips are a type of carbide blanks that are mainly used in tool making. Similar to other types of carbide blanks, carbide strips are also made from WC powder and a binder, typically cobalt. Therefore, these strips also feature excellent hardness and durability, ideal for applications such as cutting, milling, and drilling. Today, we will focus on the applications of tungsten carbide strips. First of all, let’s discuss the definition.

What are carbide strips?

Carbide strips or tungsten carbide strips are a type of carbide blanks that are frequently used in various industries, including woodworking, metalworking, mining, and construction, thanks to their outstanding wear resistance and hardness. They are made from WC powder and a metallic binder, typically cobalt, which can bind WC particles together. Carbide strips can withstand high temperatures during operation, thus resulting in increased productivity. In addition, they are abrasion resistant, making them ideal for cutting metals such as cast iron and stainless steel.

Carbide Strips

Applications of carbide strips

As mentioned above, carbide strip blanks are used in various industries due to their features. The following are some main applications.

  1. Metalworking

One of the most important applications is cutting metals, including turning, milling, and grooving. With their hardness and durability, carbide strips can process a variety of metals such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals.

  1. Woodworking

Carbide strip blanks can also be used in the manufacturing of woodworking cutters for wood cutting and shaping, including planer blades, carbide insert knives, and moulding knives. The high efficiency and precision of carbide strips ensure clean and smooth cuts.

  1. Mining and construction

Carbide strips can be used in various cutting tools such as bullet teeth, road milling teeth, roadheader bits, and more. With excellent cutting performance and wear resistance, carbide strips can reduce equipment downtime and improve drilling efficiency in different environments.

  1. Wear parts

Apart from being wear-resistant, carbide strips are also abrasion and erosion resistant. Therefore, they can be used in the manufacturing of wear parts.

  1. Medical

In the medical industry, carbide strips are suitable for the manufacturing of surgical instruments which require high precision and durability.

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