Carbide Snow Plow Cutting Edges: Everything You Need to Know

In the field of snow plowing, carbide snow plow blades have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional steel snow plow edges, representing a natural evolution in the industry. They can be used in a snow plow’s front, underbody, and wing sections. Carbide snow plow cutting edges are designed to scrape the surface of the road or pavement to remove snow and ice.

To begin with, it is important to provide a detailed introduction to the snow plow cutting edge style that we are discussing. Carbide snow plow edges are made of a steel blade and a carbide insert or several carbide inserts. The steel blade is typically made of high-strength steel that is hardened to enhance its wear resistance. The carbide inserts are pieces of tungsten carbide that are brazed into the bottom of the blade. Carbide inserts are extremely hard and abrasion-resistant, which makes them ideal for use in snow plow edges.

Carbide snow plow blades closely resemble conventional steel blades, but the carbide inserts provide superior wear resistance compared to a pure steel cutting edge. This means that carbide snow plow edges last longer and require less frequent replacement than steel cutting edges.

Types of carbide snow plow cutting edges

The most common type of carbide snow plow blade is the flat-styled blade with a long piece of carbide insert embedded into the bottom of the cutting edge. Like a steel snow plow blade, a flat carbide cutting edge can be mounted in the front, underbody, or wings. When used as an underbody cutting edge, a top bevel is necessary. However, for front and wing blades, square edges are more suitable.

carbide snow plow blades

The second type is called a serrated snow plow cutting edge. Carbide is welded onto the teeth-like area to greatly increase the service life of the snow plow blade. A serrated carbide snow plow blade is perfect for working with compacted snow and ice.

carbide snow plow blades

The third type is the Black Cat JOMA 6000 blade. This exclusively designed snow plow blade comprises of a rubber shell containing several steel segments. There are carbide inserts welded in the steel segments. The rubber shell helps decrease vibration on the snow plow during operation, enhancing the operating experience for the operator. Besides, a JOMA 6000 blade can make the road cleaner.

joma 6000snow plow inserts

As an experienced carbide snow plow cutting edge supplier, KoneCarbide can provide premium blades and quality service to our clients. Contact us today to inquire if you are looking for a reliable snow plow blade supplier. Our sales team is ready to offer tailor-made services!

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