What Is A JOMA 6000 Cutting Edge?

The JOMA 6000 cutting edge is a special type of snow plow blade designed by Black Cat Wear Parts company. There are several benefits of using a JOMA 6000 cutting edge, including extended service life, less vibration, sound dampening, less salt consumption, and cleaner surfaces. In this article, we will explain the design and advantages of the JOMA 6000 cutting edge in detail.

What is JOMA 6000?

JOMA 6000 is a unique type of snow plow cutting edge. It consists of a rubber shell, specially profiled steel segments, and tungsten carbide inserts. These inserts are brazed into the steel segments, which are encased in the rubber shell. Compared to carbide cutting edges, this design can dramatically increase wear life.

Benefits of JOMA 6000

JOMA 6000 cutting edges have several advantages that will reduce expenses related to road surface maintenance in winter and increase the availability of the snow plow.

  1. Extended wear life

Because the shell is made of rubber and there is no metal-to-metal contact between the cutting edge and the snow plow, the shock from the surface can be absorbed by the cutting edge. Therefore, these tungsten carbide inserts won’t experience severe impact. What’s more, thanks to the extreme hardness of tungsten carbide, the wear life of JOMA 6000 is longer than other types of snow plow blades.

  1. Less vibration and noise

Vibration and noise can easily cause operator fatigue. Besides, vibration may lead to structural failures. However, with the rubber mounting, the cutting edge and the plow have no metal-to-metal contact. In addition, most of the vibration transferred to the vehicle and snow plow is absorbed by the rubber shell. In the meantime, the noise generated by contact with the road is also dampened. The reduced vibration and noise can minimize maintenance costs and ensure the operator’s safety.

  1. Reduced salt and sand consumption

Since the JOMA 6000 cutting edge cleans the surface more effectively and results in a much cleaner surface, salt and sand are less required. As we know, salt and sand can cost a lot in highway maintenance, using a JOMA 6000 blade can reduce overall costs. In addition, a cleaner road surface can reduce potential accidents, thus ensuring highway safety.

  1. Highway Markings

Unlike a steel cutting edge, a JOMA 6000 won’t damage highway lane markings thanks to the rubber mounting. With the rubber mounting, JOMA 6000 won’t cause bounce or chatter during operation, thus reducing the cost of maintaining road markings.

JOMA 6000 cutting edges are one of KoneCarbide’s featured products. We have over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing and supply of JOMA 6000 blades. If you are looking for a quality supplier, contact us today!

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